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August 29 2001

You can shoot a film with a camera card of an electronic notebook

The world’s first film made with a handheld computer-based camera card has been produced in Finland. and MRP Matila & Röhr Productions present the film Maitokärry (Milk Cart) which has been shot with Casio PDA equipment. It’s the first film shot with this type of equipment and produced for this format.

“We want to be on the cutting edge of examining the new possibilities of content production, which in the future may develop into significant forms of exhibition and distribution for productions”, says producer Ilkka Y.L Matila from MRP Matila & Röhr Productions.

The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a versatile device. It’s a pocket-size palmtop computer with digital camera connectivity and you can use it to, for example, shoot your own film. With a PDA infrared adapter you can access your e-mail or the Internet on your cellular phone or Nokia Communicator. The PDA also serves as an electronic notebook.

Maitokärry is a 5-minute short film featuring Kai Lehtinen and Peter Franzén. It has been directed and shot by Antti J. Kallio and Kai Lehtinen on the basis of a screenplay by the former.

According to Antti J. Kallio, “The film introduces a new “low tech”-type of filming in which the expression itself, however, holds central significance. This every boy’s pocket device opens out opportunities to a new kind of expression. The film also starts off the new www. site through which Finnish short films will be distributed ‘the mobile way’.”

Further information: Antti J. Kallio
Producer Ilkka Matila
MRP Matila & Röhr Productions

Kai Lehtinen "Pekka" mobiileffasta Maitokärry

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